3 Arrested in Child-Predator Sting Set Up by a Group of Truckers in Arkansas

(The AEGIS Alliance) – GREENLAND, ARKANSAS – Authorities in Northwest Arkansas are investigating three suspected child predator cases following a sting operation that had been carried out by a group called Truckers Against Predators.

The Truckers Against Predators founder created a fake social media account for luring potential child sexual predators. The founder travels to different U.S. states and sets up sting-like operations for predators who think they’re meeting up with underage children. He then contacts authorities in the area and captured those who could be breaking the law on video. He contacted the Greenland Police Department during a sting recently in Washington County, KFSM reported.

Siobar Serrano was planning to meet with a minor in person in Greenland after he reportedly shared naked images of himself online with a person he thought was a 12-year-old underage girl. Serrano was placed under arrest earlier this week for Sexual Indecency with a Child.

On August 22, Elmer Figueroa was also placed under arrest by Greenland Police in a different sting operation that the Truckers Against Predators had set up.

On August 24, Doyle Hoyt of Fort Smith was placed under arrest by West Fork Police in yet another sting operation the Truckers Against Predators had set up.

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