(Video) A “Karen” calls police on black man sitting in his car outside his own home

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Another one of those “Karen” videos has surfaced on social media. This time showing a woman harassing a black man for simply sitting inside his own car in front of his own home.

“Didn’t think this would happen to me,” the man is heard saying as the video begins. The “Karen” can be heard in the background getting agitated and saying she’s taking down his license plate and that she’s already called the police department.

The man tries to explain that he’s at his own house, then the woman says while standing on his doorstep, “Why don’t you come into your F***ing house?”

The man replied with saying, “No problem.” Then he walks past her, opens his door, and walks into his house, where he is greeted by his apparent roommate.

“Another white lady pulling some more bull crap,” the man vents.

The “Karen” in the video is also heard accusing the man of being a drug dealer.

The term, “Karen”, is used to describe women who think they are better, or above everyone else, that the rules don’t apply to them, only everyone else, particularly white women, and it’s getting out of control. Video of the incident originally appeared on Reddit.com.

Kyle James Lee – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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