Woman Rejects 20 Years in Prison Deal for Drug Charges, Gets 99 Year Sentence Instead

(The AEGIS Alliance) – UPSHUR COUNTY, TEXAS – A woman in Texas was handed down a 99-year prison sentence after she pleads guilty to charges related to drugs.

39-year-old Felisha Diane Williams gave a guilty plea on January 13 for the crime of possessing a controlled sentence and intent to deliver it. Williams declined an offer by the state to serve a 20-year prison sentence and opted in for a jury trial to decide on her punishment, FOX 43 and FOX 51 reported.

Williams had previous felonies on her record, and because of that, it enhanced her punishment from a range of 15 years to life instead of the standard 5 to 99 years to life in prison punishment range.

Felisha Diane Williams was arrested by authorities on May 26, 2018. Court records reveal she was in a car as a passenger when the vehicle was pulled over in Gilmer, Texas for mismatched license plates belonging to multiple registrations.

Authorities searched the vehicles and officers discovered several baggies of methamphetamine. Then later at the jail, staff found seven grams of meth along with 16 additional smaller baggies.

Now, instead of serving 20 years in prison, Williams will spend 99 years locked up because of the jury’s harsher punishment decision.

Featured Image: Felisha Diane Williams (Credit: FOX 43 and FOX 51)

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