Two Convicted for Throwing Horse Lubricant and Glitter on Police

(The AEGIS Alliance)PORTLAND, OREGON – Two protesters in Oregon have been sentenced to five days of jail time because they threw lubricant that was mixed with gold glitter onto a couple police officers during a protest.

According to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office, they said the two defendants were protesting in opposition to an organized rally by the right-wing group known as Patriot Prayer. Then, two officers questioned the protesters and asked them what was inside a couple four-gallon buckets they were carrying around.

Tristan Romine-Mann and Robert Majure then decided to toss the slimy substance onto the two police officers and took off running, said prosecutors when describing the incident. Prosecutors also said the pair of mischief makers tried to “fist bump” as a way to celebrate following the duo being arrested, cuffed, and placed into a patrol vehicle.

The two were convicted by a jury for harassment, but acquitted them of disorderly conduct charges.

Horse lubricant is a type of gel that is used in rectal and obstetric procedures on animals that are large in size.

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Featured Image: Jail Booking Photos (Left) Evidence Photos (Center and Right) Credit: KPTV

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