Florida Burglar Blowtorches ATM: Welds it Shut Instead!

(The AEGIS Alliance) – OKALOOSA ISLAND, FLORIDA – According to AP, Sheriffs say a couple of burglars in Florida were thinking they had a clever idea when they blow-torched an ATM machine to try and break into it. However, they didn’t hit the jackpot they were looking for.

What happened, is that the scorching heat actually welded the hinges of the ATM shut instead.

According to Okaloosa County Sheriff’s officials, they say there is surveillance video of the two would-be make suspects entering Okaloosa Island’s Boardwalk.

One of the burglars was carrying a crowbar who appeared to be the lookout for them, while the other scorched the ATM with a blowtorch.

Rather than cutting into the ATM with the blowtorch, Sheriffs said the wanna-be robbers welded metal parts of the ATM shut, and left the scene without any loot.

Video provided by CBS Miami:

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