The US Has Quietly Deployed Over 500 Troops to Somalia

(The AEGIS Alliance) – The United States has now deployed more troops into Somalia than at any other point in time since the year 1993.

One of numerous escalations kept quiet in countries where operations of the US on the ground weren’t publicized much to begin with, officials state the US military has expanded to over double the amount of ground troops in Somalia during 2017, and now have more than 500 troops there.

This is the largest amount of troops the United States has had in Somalia since the year 1993. This is the same year when the Black Hawk Down incident killed 18 United States soldiers and led to quickly withdrawing from the nation. 2017 is also the first year since 1993 that any US soldiers died while being deployed in Somalia.

The escalation involved an increasing number of airstrikes in Somalia by the US, along with some joint ground operations with Somalian forces, mainly against the al-Shabaab fighters, but lots of them with highly unclear goals.

But, the whole US operation’s goals in Somalia aren’t being made very clear, with the vague interest of combating al-Shabaab, and the ISIS affiliate in Puntland possibly, but not much of any signs this operation is anything except escalation for the sake of escalation.

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