#ISIS #DAESH Officially “Defeated” but the US Will Stay in Syria

(The AEGIS Alliance) – The United States military’s intentions involving the country of Syria haven’t exactly been transparent, but is becoming to be much less, as officials at the Pentagon loudly declared that the ISIS DAESH has been ‘defeated’ in Syria, but insist they’re intending to stay.

Potentially this is a huge legal issue, since the country never authorized the invasion by the US to begin wtih. United States officials had normally displayed their authorization as being United Nations resolutions in support of the fight against ISIS DAESH, but this wouldn’t apply any longer.

Additionally, Sergey Lavrov of the Russian Foreign Minister pointed out that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has reassured him repeatedly that the ‘only’ US goal inside Syria is to fight against ISIS DAESH. This adds onto Russian concerns about what exactly the US is planning to do next.

James Mattis, the Secretary of Defense, is attempting to present this as preventing “ISIS DAESH 2.0” from existing. Even though this is also a similar pretext for the decision to stay in Iraq, there’s a big difference between being permanently deployed in Iraq that the US-backed government is supporting, and wanting to stay in the country of Syria forever, despite explicit opposition by the Syrian government.

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