ISKCON Exposed in Lee County Florida by The AEGIS Alliance!

Here is a summary about ISKCON found on Wikipedia:

They’ve had reported cases of Brainwashing, Murder, and Child Abuse.

Also… President Obama appointed 33 Federal Judges around January 4th, 2013. One of them is Sheri Polster Chappell in Florida. Chappell is believed to have secured federal control of drugs in the area. Previously she was an Assistant State Attorney.

She has been accused of accepting bribes for court cases:

Judicial Fraud Blog from May of 20o9:

ISKCON in Lee County Florida Exposed by Patrick Farrell! …

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ISKCON Exposed in Lee County Florida!



Patrick Lorne: Farrell,

Consumer FDCPA;Executor,

Sui Juris,Ex Rel;Plaintiff in Honor


Defendants in Dis-honor

CASE 07-CA-14942

DATE APRIL 18,2017




Patrick farrell

Plaintiff Patrick Farrell being competent and in good faith with clean hands makes the affirmations that Wells Fargo and their attorneys are committing fraud upon the court herein by identity theft, the same as WFBNA did in the recent credit card scandal, costing WFBNA $300 Million.

I am the whistle blower that bankrupted ISKCON, the Hare Krsna cult, who abused women and children for decades which Voids IRS tax status 501C3.

This 20th circuit state attorney tried to imprison me using Sheri Polster Chappell [now a federal judge] and Alane Laboda[circuit judge] who has an office next to Judge Mike McHugh, who was a state atty. in 1994, when the other two atty. were there, who charged me $20,000 for disclosing ISKCON.

Due to my informing; ISKCON was sued for $1.4 Billion, admitted to child abuse and was taxed about $25 Million, and criminal convictions ensued.

SUMMARILY, defendants are trying to foreclose on an inflated appraisal made in AUG 2005, not on a note and mortgage made OCT 2005.

Because of the claims here the Fl. Sup.Ct. Enjoins dismissal of defendants.

AUG 2005 IMPAC MORTGAGE HOLDINGS-2005-6 from the loan app and appraisal

OCT 2005 IMPAC SECURED ASSETS-2005-2 from the note and mortgage

Both these trusts were rejected by DEUTSCHE BANK in 2007 in the AHM BK.

Both these trusts were bought by WL ROSS&CO for 1% from AHM SEPT 26,2007

Both these trusts were not listed on IRS Publication 938 so are void.

Both these trusts were named on ONE affidavit as beneficiaries resulting in a fraudulent summary judgment of $450,474.45 noted on my recent 1099 filings to this court, the Judge, and the IRS agencies.


Since the COUNTRYWIDE notes and mortgages [including mine] were rejected by Deutsche bank, they were removed from the trusts and bought by BOA.

July 1 2008 a subsidiary of Bank of America completed the merger with Countrywide Financial, underwriter of defendant trust.After using Farrell’s note for payment through Credit Default Swap Insurance and TARP funds, Bank of America gave the note to Wells Fargo to use to steal Farrell’s home with faulty foreclosure. One year after filing bogus foreclosure.

JULY 19 2008 Plaintiff got a DEFAULT JUDGMENT by Judge Elizabeth Adams against PINNACLE FINANCIAL, who wrote the subject note at issue herein.

On November 7 2008 after obtaining the necessary consents and approvals, in exchange for $1.76 billion, Countrywide Home Loans sold Bank of America substantially all of its remaining assets. Second, in exchange for promissory notes of approximately $3.6 billion Bank of America acquired 100 percent of Countrywide Financial’s equity interest in various subsidiaries.

On Nov. 26,2008 WELLS FARGO took the subject note already in default,

and is subject to the prohibitions of the FDCPA. They falsely claimed it filed “Original Note and Mortgage,” after Bank of America claimed ownership of assets and liabilities including this note,and after the note was discharged in AHM bankruptcy, after WL ROSS cancelled trust assets for 1%, and after the note was destroyed.

civil procedure supreme court of florida patrick farrell


patrick farrell amendments to the florida rules of civil procedure supreme court of florida


The note and mortgage remained with Bank Of America whose address is;


BRADLEY ARANT took over this case NOV 2010, at that time the address was;


BOA was named as defendant in 07-CA-16767, and never filed any paper.

BOA cancelled the debt [HELOC] of $24,931 on MAY 29,2015.

BOA is the holder of the subject note and mortgage that was taken out of the trust, regurgitated into an unknown asset management account.


After not being able to lawfully foreclose on an illegal note and mortgage made by COUNTRYWIDE in OCT 11,2005, defendants did the following:

On APR 30,2014 a summary judgment was made for $450,474.45.

A man named Gregory Goetz, attorney who never filed notice of appearance, or ever filed any papers, filed the summary judgment on behalf of OCWEN with an AFFIDAVIT OF INDEBTEDNESS that was grossly insufficient.

message fraud


The affidavit does not have a penalty of perjury jurat on it and is void.

The affidavit names IMPAC MORTGAGE HOLDINGS-2005-6 as beneficiary.

IMH-2005-6 was closed SEPT 9 2005 and the subject note was made OCT 11 2005

The IRS should take action and enjoin tax laws against WFBNA and counsel.

I recently sent IRS tax forms 1099-OID and 1099-A, in good faith to address these issues mainly the $450,474.45 amount of the use of credit.

TAKE NOTICE in June 2004 I deposited $15,000 to start the home loan, and the summary judgment is for $450,000 + $15,000 = $465,000.

The inflated appraisal was for $465,000, so you see it was an accrual account, a 10 year leaseback annuity reverse purchase and sale agreement undisclosed to Plaintiff. AUG 2007 to now = 10 year investment.

The summary judgment of $450,474.45 affirms that one note and mortgage moving in and out of 2 trusts, voids the tax exempt status of the 2 trusts worth a combined $3.6 Billion, so the IRS can tax these entities.

$3.6 Billion X 20% tax = $720,000,000.

WELLS FARGO BANK N.A. purports to be the “trustee” of these 2 trusts.

Patrick Farrell 2

I, Patrick Lorne Farrell, In Propria Persona, Sui Juris, Natural Person, Attorney-in-Fact, Principal Secured Party, Master Account Holder, Holder In Due Course, grantor/settlor and grantee/sole beneficiary, and the only real and true authorized representative and Executor of the Private Financial Institution and Trust/Estate of ©PATRICK LORNE FARRELL™ and all derivations thereof including, herein and hereby FIRE and TERMINATE the unlawful services of WELLS FARGO BANK N.A. as Trustee for PSA trust IMPAC SECURED ASSETS-2005-2 and indenture trust IMPAC MORTGAGE HOLDINGS-2005-6, their law firm BRADLEY-ARANT, and any others involved, representing the unlawful, wrongful foreclosure action, common law interference, intentional trespass, forgery estate theft,fabrication, conspiracy, and other common law unlawful acts –BAR attorneys Tyler Samsing, Christian Hancock,Gregory Goetz and all others having involvement.

Also terminated, including any and all license,Ocwen Loan Servicing and ocwen Financial Corporation, all subsidiaries and affiliates therein and thereof for unlawful acts common law interference, intentional trespass, forgery estate theft, fabrication, conspiracy, and other common law unlawful acts, along with entities thereto, thereunder, and/or connected.

Primary to this NOTICE OF TERMINATION is served upon MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC. (MERS), the intentional concealed MERS® System, Merscorp Holdings, Inc. and specifically to Sharon McGann Horstkamp, Esq.

In my capacity as stated above, you, Ms. Horstkamp along with all entities partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, franchises, and any all configurations under the three configurations of MERS, along with any all other hidden configurations therein and thereunder, hereby and herein, are all FIRED and terminated as Mortgagee, nominee, along with any and all other capacities by which you and yours thereunder and therein, past and present, are employing, by and through, fabrication, forgery, and a number of other unlawful acts, with which the purposed intent is intentional trespass upon my properties (real, personal, and intellectual – including but not limited to proprietary, common law copyright, trade name, and trademark), and all unlawful acts, with which the purposed intent is interference of my trust/estate, conducted under and by unlawful acts including but not limited to the defamation of my character to bring about my wrongful and legal death for the unjust enrichment of a plethora of common thieves, crooks, and thugs to the overall theft of my estate, inheritance and spendthrift trust/estate.

MERS, is a listed entity, albeit intentionally misrepresented, within the Fannie Mae Standard Uniform Instrument, of the entity Fannie Mae, which is under receivership of the Federal government. As such, I respectfully order, demand, and grant full authority to, the Bureau of Fiscal Services, Department of Treasury, and the Internal Revenue Service, as appointed fiduciaries, take appropriate action to ensure the termination and full cooperation of Ms. Horstkamp in carrying out this NOTICE OF TERMINATION OF ALL LICENSE AND TRANSFER that includes a complete auditing and marshalling

of accounts, digital assets, proceeds, properties, sub-accounts, trusts, insurances, all else concerning to the trust/estate and ownership of this executor, for transfer and proper private administration, in coordination with the assistance of Fiscal Services, Treasury, and IRS to my intended wishes.

I further, respectfully order and demand a full criminal investigation of MERS, along with all entities therein an thereunder, and all individual actors be initiated for conspiracy and other unlawful acts not just against this party, but upon the millions and millions who have suffered irreparable harms to what, in fact and truth, is most sophisticated and wide reaching trespass and theft scheme in the history of the civilized world. MERS must be stopped and held accountable with full and exclusive remedy given all harmed.


I, Patrick Lorne Farrell, , hereby verify, under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the United States of America, without the “United States” that the above statement of facts and laws is true and correct, according to the best of My current information, knowledge, and belief, so help me God, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1746(1). See Supremacy Clause (Constitution, Laws and Treaties are all the supreme Law of the Land).




in Propria Persona-Attorney In Fact-Sovereign-Secured Party Creditor

2904 NW14th Terrace-Cape Coral, Florida-[33993-9998]-D.M.S.R. SEC.112.32

239-558-4400 p.farrell [email protected]


Subscribed and sworn, without prejudice, and with all rights reserved,

On this ______day of_________________ 2017, before me, the above signed, a Notary Public in and for THE STATE OF FLORIDA , personally appeared the above-signed, known to me to be the one whose name is signed on this instrument, and has acknowledged to me that he executed the same.


Printed Name:___________________________________

My Commission Expires:__________________________


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