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Tom MacDonald Exposes Big Pharma in “Sad Rappers” – (Lyrics)

https://youtu.be/gYdYm3TufEcTom MacDonald - Sad Rappers Lyrics.Where'd all these suicidal sad rappers come from? They showed up with those mumble rapper dumb-dumbs. They have been prayin' on people with mental illness. And pretendin' to relate to getting paid...

Tom MacDonald Exposes “The Music Industry” – (Lyrics)

https://youtu.be/w8P9K4hRbs4Tom MacDonald – The Music Industry lyrics.Look at all the rappers that the games killed. Record labels making billions, why can’t artists even pay bills? You get taken advantage of if you take deals. They’re the devil,...

‘These Will Be Weapons of Mass Destruction’: Warnings About Killer Robots After UN Talks

(Common Dreams) - While support builds for an outright ban of autonomous weapons, powerful nations with large technology industries are resistant to imposing expansive limitations.As the United Nations' first formal meeting about killer robots came...
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