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The Ugly Truth about the U.S. Corona Virus Stimulus Bill (Video)

(The AEGIS Alliance) - THE UNITED STATES - The ugly truth about the coronavirus stimulus bill in the United States, has come to our attention, and we're here to inform and warn you all. "Greetings...

Facebook Expects Pages and Groups to Act as Their Own Independent Fact-Checkers, Why it’s a problem

(The AEGIS Alliance) - SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA - Greetings world! We, are The AEGIS Alliance, with, Anonymous Allies! I, am Kyle James Lee, the majority owner of The AEGIS Alliance. We are now aware that...

Anonymous – JusticeforJosiah – Justice for Josiah Pinner

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Written and produced by Anonymous.On January 11th. 2019, undercover sheriffs deputy Philip J Montesi was traveling at 66mph in a 45mph zone in a unmarked car when he struck and...

Drug Cartel Location in Fort Myers Florida Exposed by Anonymous and The AEGIS Alliance! AEGIS Alliance) - Greetings World! We Are Anonymous Around the World, and The AEGIS Alliance! The evidence presented; is of a Drug Smuggling Operation at the El Rincon Bar, at 3900 Palm Beach...
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