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(Video) Muncie Central High School Indiana Teacher Faces Losing Her Job After V for Vendetta Book Class Project!

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Greetings World! We, are The AEGIS Alliance!V for Vendetta is a book that later became a movie, about an anti-hero named V, who sought to tear down a corrupt British...

The AEGIS Alliance declines $25,000 payments offer to produce political Misinformation Anonymous videos

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Greetings World! We, are The AEGIS Alliance, with, Anonymous allies! so-called, Anon, who also claims to be an FBI agent, recently offered Kyle James Lee, the majority owner of The...

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno Cover-Up of State Attorney Amira Fox’s Forgery!

(The AEGIS Alliance) - LEE COUNTY, FLORIDA – Two types of courts exist in Lee County, Florida, Circuit Court and County Court, and this is a report about the crime of Forgery and Official Misconduct....

(Video) Millions of U.S. Jobs Don’t Exist Anymore, Big Business Buys Up Small Business, Evictions, Real Estate Market Field Day

(The AEGIS Alliance) - UNITED STATES - Greetings World! We are The AEGIS Alliance, with, Anonymous allies! We previously warned Americans about just how dangerously harmful the CARES ACT that was passed in congress...

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s Felony Corruption

(The AEGIS Alliance) - LEE COUNTY,  FLORIDA - Greetings world! We are The AEGIS Alliance, with, Anonymous allies! "In 2017, Scott Huminski received death threats in the mail from  Maricopa County, Arizona, and he was...

The Ugly Truth about the U.S. Corona Virus Stimulus Bill (Video)

(The AEGIS Alliance) - THE UNITED STATES - The ugly truth about the coronavirus stimulus bill in the United States, has come to our attention, and we're here to inform and warn you all. "Greetings...

#Anonymous Shuns ‘The Anonymous Party’ on Facebook for Hijacking the Movement

(The AEGIS Alliance) - There has been a lot of controversy surrounding a page on Facebook named The Anonymous Party. Anonymous has called out this page for hijacking its movement and pushing a political...

Anonymous – JusticeforJosiah – Justice for Josiah Pinner

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Written and produced by Anonymous.On January 11th. 2019, undercover sheriffs deputy Philip J Montesi was traveling at 66mph in a 45mph zone in a unmarked car when he struck and...
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