Tommy Tee

I see light in dark, and dark in the light, with the ever-bending dark shadows and light reflections.
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Oklahoma woman allegedly lied about boy’s cancer treatment to get money

(The AEGIS Alliance) - An Oklahoma woman, age 46, is implicated in lying regarding a young boy in her custody's cancer treatment and obtaining...

Ex-police officer charged with sexually assaulting a fifth teenage boy

(The AEGIS Alliance) - A former Pennsylvania police officer who faces more than one hundred child molestation charges is now facing additional charges as...

Maryland man attempts to run over cops, rams car into police station

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Police arrested a Maryland man after he attempted to run over some police officers and afterward, he drove his vehicle...

The FBI Seizes 68 Big Cats From ‘Tiger King Park’ In Oklahoma

(The AEGIS Alliance) - THACKERVILLE, OKLAHOMA - The FBI has confiscated 68 big cats coming from an animal park in Oklahoma included in Netflix’s...

Ex-NYPD officer’s dog slept in heated room as son froze to death locked inside garage

(The AEGIS Alliance) - A former NYPD police officer that purportedly left his aged 8 autistic son locked inside an icy cold garage apparently...

North Carolina jury awards $75m to brothers wrongly convicted of 1983 murder

(The AEGIS Alliance) - A North Carolina jury federal civil rights case has awarded $75m to a pair of intellectually handicapped half-brothers that spent...

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