Anonymous stands by Wikileaks! … And a message to President Donald Trump

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By Kyle James Lee for at The AEGIS Alliance

After looking up sources; research has shown that states with Medical Marijuana see a 25% drop in prescription medications. These types of Pharma meds being replaced with Marijuana are… antidepressants, seizure medication (CBD Cannabis Oil), sleeping pills, anxiety medication and anti-nausea drugs. It was hard to find data on Colorado; but I’d estimate prescriptions are down 40% in that state. Furthermore; after reviewing the studies, researchers argue that the study suggests the people in States with Medical (and Legal) Marijuana are using Cannabis for Medical reasons.

Proof of Jeff Sessions being involved in the R.J. Reynolds cases from the late 1990’s; in favor of the Tobacco Industry:

Article describing the events that Jeff Sessions has been involved in with the Tobacco Inudstry:

Greetings World! We Are Anonymous! Our Exposure today is of President Donald J. Trump’s choice of Jeff Sessions to head the Department of Justice. It seems you are failing the safety of the Citizens of the United States with a proven terrorist Attack on our Government. The battle by Jeff Sessions against Legal Marijuana, is Hypocrisy tothe Opiate epidemic running rapid, created by the Government and the Pharmaceutical industry, intentionally over the years. Jeff Sessions took more than was legally allowed from Camel cigarettes during his 1996 Senate election. Sessions was later involved in what was named, the Master Settlement Agreement. This was a settlement with R J Reynolds, and the big tobacco companies during the late 90’s; and Sessions favored big tobacco. There is well documented proof of this in the University of California’s archives. Furthermore; Jeff Sessions is expected to handle a large workload, because there are missing key staff members.

The persecution of WIKI LEAKS founder Julian Assange, and anyone else a threat to Governmental exposure of weakness and criminal acts by the Department of Justice seems to be another act of terrorism, as if you are following previous administration tactics. Though some of your promises have been acted upon, your protection of the State of Florida continues in fear of your reputation and being accepted by Political parties rather then the Citizens of the United States.

The Choices of United States Federal Prosecutors appointed, are only a name change with the same agenda. The Glades County Sheriff’s Department of the 20th Judicial Circuit Courts of Florida controlled by State Attorney Stephen B Russell were to have been found to laundered over 71 million dollars in Drug money in 2015 for the Cartels; with no action taken by these Officers of the Law, and no arrest of any kind being made.


blankOn February 19th of 2014, a couple traveling from Florida to New Hampshire were arrested on Federal charges of Drug Trafficking, thousands of dollars in cash, and BOMB making materials! Dean Smoronk, has a proven history of being a Drug Dealer, working with dirty Drug Enforcement Agents, and his F. B. I. sources arrest seemed to have disappeared. The US Attorneys Office and District of South Carolina would have great knowledge to this situation as well as the Sumter County Sheriffs Office who made this arrest with A. T. F. agents.

Smoronk, and his former deceased girlfriend, Christine Sullivan, have been roaming freely back and forth from New Hampshire to his Cape Coral Florida home, in Lee County Florida, for over 3 years. Sullivan and Jenna Pelligrini were found stabbed to death and beaten, on January 29th, 2017, on Smoronks property; while he was allegedly in Florida checking on his rental home. They laid there for 2 days prior to him coming home and finding them. These Murders were related to the Drug Cartels, as Smoronk allegedly was out on bond on Federal Charges; and had been traveling out of the country as well.

Dean Smoronk

Attorney General Pam Bondi, and Governor Rick Scott whom plead the 5th for Medicaid Fraud 75 times prior to his being elected as Governor, are alleged to be close friends of yours.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the President of the United States Appointment of Beth Drake as Head Prosecutor of the United States Attorney’s Office in South Carolina, would have inside information on this proven terrorist attack.

Image Credit: Wikileaks – JPEG was taken into Graphic Design Software and turned into a transparent PNG image.


Your allegations of FAKE MEDIA attacks on yourself are one of truth, the only way to get to the truth and end corruption to, “Drain the Swamp”, are through sources such as WIKI LEAKS. Many reporters over the years that have classified information or knowledge of dirty C. I. A. have been found to come up dead, under false reports of suicides. 


The information WIKI LEAKS has provided to the world is one of truth, and the real criminals preside under your watch. One should not be persecuted or retaliated against for bringing information of proven misconduct by High Powered Government Officials that are in place to protect the Citizens of the World.

We are the Anonymous Legion! We do not forgive! We do not forget! Expect us!




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