French Man Chased Fly Around with Electric Swatter and Accidentally Blew Up His Own House

(The AEGIS Alliance) – DORDOGNE, FRANCE – A French man blew up his own house by accident while he was trying to get rid of a fly in his home.

The man in his 80s, while wielding an electric fly swatter, chased the insect around his house, local newspaper Sud Ouest reports.

However, the man was unaware that there was a gas leak in his house. There was a reaction between the swatter and the leaking gas that caused an explosion that resulted in some of his ceilings collapsing.

The man only suffered minor injuries with minor burns to his hand but his home is now uninhabitable. It is unknown if the housefly is alive or dead.

This house explosion that happened last Friday wasn’t the first time a related pest killing incident happened that resulted in bigger problems than it was worth.

A man in Brazil last year was trying to exterminate some cockroaches that were in his backyard, so he poured gasoline into a hole and threw matches into it. It didn’t work out so well for the guy and he blew up his whole yard.

Here’s a video on Twitter of that incident:

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