Two Georgia Cops Fired After They Allegedly Tied Shirt Over Innocent Man’s Mouth

(The AEGIS Alliance) – SAVANNAH, GEORGIA – Two Georgia police officers have been fired and could be facing criminal charges after an incident in April where they allegedly tied a T-shirt across a man’s face who spit at them, according to an incident report.

It was announced on August 12 that Corporal Daniel Kang and Sergeant Octavio Arango had been terminated from their jobs at the Savannah Police Department.

The department’s police chief at the time said the officers were searching for a domestic violence suspect and used were forceful when they arrested the wrong person.

The police chief Roy Minter didn’t get into detail regarding the incident, but a police report that Savannah radio news station WSVH-FM cited says the two cops broke through an apartment door. In the report, Arango said he placed his knee on the upper back of Darryl Faitele and then handcuffed the man.

The police report claimed officer Arango had seen blood on Faitele’s face and chin, then, after it’s alleged the man spit at the officers, Arango “forcefully shoved” Faitele’s face down.

The accusations against the two officers say they pulled a short over Faitele’s head, then tied a second shirt over his mouth, the report says.

A grand jury will decide whether to charge the two officers involved, Chatham County District Attorney Meg Heap said.

Faitele wasn’t charged with any crime after the officers took him into police custody.

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