Virginia Man Pleads Guilty to Sexual Exploitation, Abduction of Ex-Girlfriend’s Teen Daughter

(The AEGIS Alliance) – LOUISA COUNTY, VIRGINIA – A man who is charged with the sexual exploitation and abduction of a teen girl that resulted in a nationwide AMBER Alert back in October of 2019 has now been convicted of the felony crimes.

34-year-old Bruce W. Lynch Jr. from the city of Bumpass was due to be arraigned on eight charges resulting from the sexual exploitation and disappearance of a child when he confessed to all charges and gave guilty pleas in court.

Lynch knew the teen girl and when they went missing in 2019 on October 21, an AMBER Alert was issued by the Virginia State Police. The teen’s mother is Lynch’s ex-girlfriend.

Lynch was armed with a gun and had recently thought about committing suicide at the time. Authorities searched for the suspect and the teen for 10 days when they discovered that Lynch’s vehicle was found in Caroline County. A police vehicle pursuit happened with the suspect and officers were able to stop and arrest Lynch.

Bruce W. Lynch Jr is due to appear in court on September 21 for sentencing and faces up to 80 years behind bars in federal prison.

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