Corona, California Minivan Driver Struck Motorcyclist, Drags Bike in Front of Van at High Speeds (Video)

(The AEGIS Alliance) – CORONA, CALIFORNIA – A man in Corona, California, has been arrested for a felony hit-and-run charge on Saturday, after he struck a motorcycle rider, failed to stop, and then dragged the bike in front of his van, at high speeds on the 91 freeway, near the 15 in Corona.

George Valentin, age 25, admitted to the California Highway Patrol that he was the driver, then he was taken into police custody on Saturday. Valentin is currently jailed, at the Robert Presley Detention Center.

Chain Arunritthirot was the motorcyclist, who said the collision launched him around 200 feet away, and into the middle of the freeway.

With the motorcycle attached to the front of the vehicle, Valentin kept driving along the freeway, and eventually crashed into a fence, and fleed the scene on foot into a drainage ditch. Witnesses attempted to stop Valentin but lost sight of the suspect.

Corona California damaged motorcycle from hit and run minivan van

Arunritthirot said he felt like the incident was intentional like he was being hunted down. Thankfully the collision resulted in no serious injuries, but he complained about pain in his arms and legs, due to road rash. He is still in shock about the incident.

Natalie Duran and Will Ross captured video of the incident, as they followed the minivan while calling CHP. Arunritthirot said he wants to meet with Duran and Ross, to thank them for filming the crash, and for leading authorities to an arrest of the suspect.

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