Tennessee Man Facing Multiple Charges After Setting Grandmother’s Home on Fire, Trapped Dogs Inside

(The AEGIS Alliance) – EAST RIDGE, TENNESSEE – A man in Tennessee is facing multiple charges after he set a room in his grandmother’s house on fire while two dogs were inside the room, according to East Ridge Police and NewsChannel9.com.

Police and firefighters in East Ridge were called into a residential fire on Tuesday, May 5 on Kingwood Circle in the 3800 blocks. A woman who lives at the home said to officers that there were two dogs inside a room with the door closed where the fire had been started.

Officers with the ERPD found evidence that showed the fire was set intentionally, and a bottle of vodka was discovered missing from the house. The woman who lives at the house is Dustin Sneed’s grandmother who told police he was the only person who knew where the vodka was being stored in the house.

Officers said they talked to witnesses at a diner nearby the house who saw Sneed with the bottle of vodka, and that he dropped it inside the diner, then, as he left, he asked for matches. While Sneed was exiting the diner he poured vodka in front of the exit doors, then tossed the bottle onto the outside of the building. Authorities were able to recover the bottle and confirmed it matched the one taken from the home on Kingwood Circle.

The police report describes the owner of the diner saying that Sneed had “dark coloring” on his nose and face.

Dustin Snmeed was arrested by East Ridge Police on May 13 and he’s now facing charges of arson, aggravated arson vandalism aggravated burglary and aggravated cruelty to animals.

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