New Mexico Man Caught in Police Sting, Accused of Trying to Pay Prostitute with Hamburger

(The AEGIS Alliance) – ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO – There was a prostitution sting on Tuesday in Albuquerque that led to 12 different arrests, one arrest, in particular, stood out.

A criminal complaint reveals that Dominic Calderon, age 36, approached an undercover Albuquerque Police Officer who posed as a prostitute in Central and San Pablo South East. Calderon rode up to the undercover officer on his bicycle, reported.

Calderon asked the undercover officer for her phone number because he wouldn’t have money to pay her until Friday, according to the complaint and

The undercover officer then took notice of a “To-Go” bag from Chili’s restaurant that Calderon was carrying. The officer asked Calderon what was in the bag, he said it was a hamburger. Then the officer told Calderon he could pay her with the hamburger, according to Dominic Calderon agreed to the payment deal and was then arrested.

Officers looked up Calderon’s information and found he was on a sex offender list and was currently serving probation. The probation office confirmed Calderon’s status and his probation was revoked, then increased to a felony warrant, according to police.

The arrest of Dominic Calderon was one of 11 other arrests made that day on January 28 around Central Avenue. Police tagged the hamburger into evidence to be used in the case.

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Featured Image: Dominic Calderon booking photo (Left) (Credit: WJW via Albuquerque Police Department)

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