Stepfather in South Carolina Saves Child from being Kidnapped

(The AEGIS Alliance) – CHARLESTON COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA – The stepfather of a 7 year old girl thwarted an attempt to kidnap the girl from her South Carolina home on Sunday, according to police.

The suspect, who is unnamed and still on the run from authorities, reportedly made his way into the family’s mobile home in the North Charleston area at about 2 a.m. in the morning. The suspect entered the property through a door that was unlocked, the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office says.

The suspect managed to grab the girl and flee the home while carrying her in his arms. Not long after that, the stepdad heard the girl screaming for help and chased the suspect on foot across the property.

As the stepdad was chasing the suspect who was carrying his stepchild, eventually the suspected kidnapper dropped the girl and fled the scene, police said. Authorities searched the area and said the suspect is still at large.

“Deputies K-9’s and North Charleston police officers searched the area, but were not able to locate the suspect. “Deputies have increased patrols of the area as detectives investigate the incident,” Police stated.

Police tried to identify the suspect and found that he is a short male who was wearing dark clothing.

If you have information related to this case, you’re urged to contact the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office at (843) 202-1700 or to call Crime Stoppers at (843) 554-1111.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter @ChasCoSheriff

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