Mississippi Men Glued Winning Lotto Numbers onto Ticket, Tried Cashing it in

(The AEGIS Alliance) – COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI – Two Mississippi men so badly wanted to a claim a lottery prize of $100,000, that they glued the winning lotto numbers onto a losing ticket, according to authorities.

48 year old Russell Sparks and 47 year old Odis Latham, who are both from Columbus, attempted to claim their winnings from a scratch-off ticket on Monday at the Flowood, lottery headquarters, the Clarion Ledger reported being told by a Mississippi Lottery Corporation spokeswoman named Meg Annison.

The lottery agency immediately determined the ticket had been altered with glue by pasting the winning numbers so that it would match the prize numbers. The Flowood Police Department was called by the lottery agency about reporting there were two adult males who tried to pass on and claim the fake ticket.

Russell Sparks and Odis Latham were both placed under arrest by the lottery headquarters and are facing multiple charges which including uttering a counterfeit instrument over $1,000, and conspiracy to commit a felony. Mr Latham is also being charged with false ID information.

The Clarion Ledger reports that Sparks was given a $21,000 bond during his initial court appearance from jail via video conference, and Latham received a $51,000 bond amount. Both of the men have pleaded not guilty. Sparks is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday for a preliminary hearing, but a court date hasn’t yet been set for Latham.

Featured Image: Russell Sparks (Left) and Odis Latham (Right) (Credit: Flowood Police Department)

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