New Mexico Father Arrested for Abusing and Threatening 4 Sons, Killed Puppies

(The AEGIS Alliance) – ANTHONY, NEW MEXICO – A 34 year old father of four sons was arrested by a Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office detective after a worker at a daycare center alerted authorities they suspected child abuse.

A man from Anthony, New Mexico named Miguel Angel Sanchez is accused of beating his four boys who are all younger than 12 years old. Mr Sanchez is also suspected of threatening his children if they testified against him, according to the El Paso Times.

Court documents reveal that Mr Sanchez being accused of beating his kids with a wooden paddle, and that he choked one of the boys on at least once. Allegedly Mr Sanchez also punished another of his children for “praying over his other brothers,” El Paso Times reported.

The children also told detectives they watched their father kill several puppies and that Mr Sanchez would either toss the puppies into the street to be struck by oncoming traffic, or even by taking them out to the desert and shooting the puppies. One of the boys reported to the detectives that Mr Sanchez forced him to bury several puppies during one occasion after his father had allegedly shot the puppies with his gun, the El Paso Times reports.

The children were granted an emergency order of protection, and detectives said Sanchez violated that order a couple days later.

Authorities arrested Miguel Angel Sanchez on Monday and charged him with child abuse, four counts of bribing a witness, and one count of aggravated stalking because he violated the child protection order.

Mr Sanchez was booked into the Dona Ana Detention Center. However, he was released the next day after paying a $2,500 unsecured bond, according to records and the El Paso Times.

Featured Image: Miguel Angel Sanchez (Left) (Credit: Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office)

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