Anonymous Bites Back and the fight for free speech

As an activist or hacktivist on the internet, you’ve probably heard of Anonymous Bites Back. A live show created by free speech activists from all over the world. We have been with them from the start, and our friends from Anonymous Bites Back are since broadcasting on many different social media.

But this wasn’t part of the original plan. The idea was to simply launch an alternative live stream that provides a different view on the world. When they started they never expected to have to deal with censorship issues, they didn’t know they would be forced to find solutions to a problem that destroyed many other “dissident” live streamers.

At first the Anonymous Bites Back stream launched on Facebook. Quickly the page grew to a following with tens of thousands of people. The show was shared far and wide and the average viewer counts went to 25.000 -40.000 unique people each show. They invited interesting guests who were eager to come on, had some shocking revelations about world events, and were even robbed on air. In other words, everything was going fine.

But then the 2016 political shift started, and social media changed. At first the live stream was shadowbanned. This means that regardless of how many shares you do, you will still be mostly invisible. You don’t show up at any notifications, the view count is kept low, and you are practicly invisible on the live stream map. When Anonymous Bites Back tried to use some smart methods to circumvent this, it became even worse.

At some point, people sharing the Anonymous Bites Back show on Facebook, were locked out of their accounts after doing more than 2 shares from the page. It also happened quite a few times that a show they did would not upload at all after it was done. It would just say “processing” forever. And the entire episode was lost.

This caused the team to want to branch out to other places. So the team started a stream on Youtube. It went well for a while, until shit started to hit the fan there as well. During crucial moments Anonymous Bites Back would lose live stream capability entirely, for 90 days. Even though they never received any complaint or infraction. They were being censored. Again.

At that moment two of the founders decided to find a better solution. A thing that would eventually change the game and give them dominance over the censoring social media. This solution consisted of using a setup that would allow Anonymous Bites Back to stream to over 30 different social media sites at once. By doing this they would not depend on the boundaries of free speech by one specific network, they would simply be live on all the networks that would accept them.


And it worked. On sites like Periscope and Twitch the viewer counts went through the roof, even on the first day. And the community on Twitter helped them, knowing what was going on. And it resulted in something amazing. After just 2 episodes the official team of Youtube contacted the crew of Anonymous Bites Back and offered them a solution to the usual ban of 90 days. They asked what they could do for the show. And the reply to Youtube was direct: “No thanks, we don’t need you anymore”.

So there is the solution to censorship online. Decentralize, and never use one place for all your things. Make the social media sites ask for your presence, and don’t give them the position that they feel it is a favor to you.

Anonymous Bites Back? So what is it all about?

Check out the live stream: Anonymous Bites Back Periscope

And the website: Anonymous Bites Back website

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