Raining Money: Cash Flies in Brink’s Truck Incident – Drivers Cash In

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Money was fluttering around on the roadway on Thursday as people got out of their cars to grab some cash after an armored Brink’s truck incident scattered money around New Jersey Route 3.

At 8:30 a.m. the East Rutherford police were getting calls about the bullet-resistant truck spilling money around the 12-lane highway. There’s a video that was tweeted showing some people getting out of their cars, and grabbing the cash while other vehicles drove around them or were delayed.

Police say the commotion was the cause of multiple related vehicle accidents.

The New York Giants training building is seen in the background of one such video on Twitter.

Montclair, New Jersey resident Betsy Richards was aboard an NJ transit bus headed into New York City when traffic began slowing down on the route. The Brink truck did not appear to be damaged she said, so she wasn’t sure if it was from a collision or if the truck’s doors had somehow swung open.

Betsy saw a Brink’s employee in uniform running through traffic while trying to collect the money being flown around the road, she mentioned.

“People started stopping and people were jumping out of cars grabbing cash,” Betsy Richards mentioned.

She saw $1, $5, and even $100 bills fluttering around on the roadway, people on her bus felt bad for the Brink’s employee, said Richards.

“People were saying he’s definitely going to get fired,” Richards stated. “It’s Christmas for some and the loss of a job for another.” she continued.

Some people posted photos and videos on Facebook and Twitter of the highway incident.

Back in May a similar incident occurred on Interstate 70 in Indianapolis, Indiana when a Brink’s truck dropped over half a million dollars. The back doors of the Brink truck swung open as it slowed to a stop, and caused $600,000 in loose bills, bundles and bags to fall onto the road.

According to police, people were crawling on the ground and leaping over fences to claim some of the money during that incident.

However, the money is not finders-keepers. Police in Indianapolis stated they will hunt down every dollar that went missing and arrest the thieves. Police in East Rutherford are saying that as well.

“It would be like theft of mislaid goods,” Police Captain Phil Taormina states. “The truck was parked on the shoulder and two armed guards, Brink’s employees, were trying to gather the money.”

The cash belongs to Brink’s while in transit. Investigators say the social media posts are their friend in trying to find people who stole the money.

There have been other such armored vehicle incidents when the doors malfunctioned. June 2016 in Providence, Rhode Island. July 2015 in Baltimore. April 2015 in Weatherford, Texas and Salt Lake City. January 2015 in Queens, New York. October 2014 in Urbana, Maryland. March 2012 in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Brink’s did not return calls immediately for comments on Thursday.  The police in East Rutherford are asking anyone with video or information to give them a call at 201-438-1065

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