Flex Seal Complaint – Hazardous, Causes Mold, Doesn’t Work

(The AEGIS Alliance)Marine John Liptok has filed a formal complaint against Flex Seal that is usually seen advertised on television, but first some back story about John.

John Liptok is a Marine. He has been shot eight times, stabbed three times, and poisoned. He has ran for President of the United States multiple times, along with running for Senator, congressman, and governor of Pennsylvania. His political party is Independent. During his time campaigning he was given 300 parking citations, all for traffic offenses that never happened. This was to keep him distracted  from campaigning, but it did not work. He was told by the election bureau that he did not get mayor but was voted into four other jobs, even though he won, and come January the corrupt refused to swear him in and instead put their own people in. This is a form of election fraud.

If John Liptok runs for President in 2020 and 2024, he will hold the Guinness world record for running for President most consecutively. He lost one son a few years ago when someone stabbed him in the back with a needle full of drugs and murdered him. He feels his son’s murder was a message to him from the corrupt, but it did not shut him up. He says he has proof about things corrupt politicians wish went buried.

Now to Flex Seal. There have been numerous complaints about Flex Seal. John Liptok’s father in law’s house had a drip or leak, so he went into the house and up into the rafters. He filled in all the cracks with caulk or foam and then sprayed flex seal over it. Two days later the leak got worse. After that, he went up on the outside and wire brushed the tin roof, wiped It down, and put flex seal on the outside. Two days later the inside roof collapsed and took out the drop ceiling below it (In two different locations) He has done the same for both locations.

Mr. Liptok then had to go buy roof paint and coating, and go up and do the roof with it. It costed $70 per five gallon can and he needed four of them. While up on the roof, he fell off, twice! (Says he’s an old marine but when he starts he won’t stop.)

Mr. Liptok wrote Flex Seal and told them the product “sucks”, it doesn’t work, and that he used 32 cans of it, but received no answer. He wrote again and again. The next said he wrote he said “fine”, He will report the product and them to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), FBI, BBB, USAG, Consumer Protection, and the press and social media. He sought advice for the legal parts.

Then he got an email saying to contact Brian Parliament. He figured that was their lawyer. He was told to send proof of the product such as receipts. John Liptok sent him three receipts and pictures of all the cans.

Mr. Parliament replied with they will give him the money back for the 32 cans at $12.99 each. But, the wanted him to sign a GAG order so he would stop telling the bad story, stop reporting them, and they would not be liable for any of the other damages.

Mr. Liptok replied that they cannot offer a money back guarantee and put stipulations on it, that’s a crime. He told them he will not sign any gag order and that they’re liable for all damages, the roof collapse, the drop ceiling, the paint, and him getting injured.

Jon Liptok said in his reply that, “Because I bought your hype and bought the product YOU guaranteed would stop leaks, It is your fault the roof is damaged and me getting injured. Furthermore, I just went back and there is mold growing ALL over the flex seal!  Nowhere else, your flex seal created mold.”

Mr. Parliament replied back and said they could do $700 at best. Mr. Liptok asked is that on top of the refund? ($440) Mr. Parliament replied no we will call it even at $1000. Mr. Liptok said no, mold remediation is over $10,000, fixing the two holes in the ceiling is over $15,000, the paint was $280, and his injuries if he files a lawsuit with a jury will be $10 million easily.

Two weeks later and no reply. Mr. Liptok reported them to the agencies holding his refund captive for his silence and he finally for the refund. (After all the agencies contacted Flex Seal)

Marine John Liptok is currently drawing up the Pro Se lawsuit to collect the rest.

Agencies are all for themselves says Marine John Liptok. They collect all the info on the victims, and all the reports people make, then they sue the companies, and they put criminal charges on them. The companies settle out of course, but all the charges get bumped to do it. In the end, the Millions of dollars that were in the settlement never make it to any of the victims, the agencies keep it.


old one room schoolhouse where leak happened flex seal complaint
Old One Room Schoolhouse where the leak happened.


hole in kitchen flex seal complaint
Hole in Kitchen.


hole in bedroom flex seal complaint
Hole in Bedroom.


cans of flex seal thrown off roof
Cans of flex seal thrown off the roof.


cans of flex seal in the attic
Cans of Flex Seal in the Attic.


mold growing on top of flex seal flexseal
Image of Mold Growing on top of where Flex Seal was applied.

Kyle James Lee – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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