US Cable News Journalist Visited Douma, Found Zero Gas Attack Evidence

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A One America News journalist by the name of Pearson Sharp gave an exclusive report. He traveled to the area of the alleged chemical weapons attack in the war-ridden city of Douma, which is nearby the capital of Damascus in Syria. He discovered that residents living there are denying that an attack occurred and are instead claiming it was a staged event carried out by rebel forces, for the rebel’s efforts in inciting responses from forces in the West.

Pearson Sharp explains that throughout his investigation he has interviews with around 30 to 40 residents of Douma, and made claims in Twitter Tweets:

Pearson Sharp is claiming that out of all the residents he had interviews with in Douma — which he asserts weren’t staged or scripted, but with actual locals — that not a single person said to him that a chemical attack happened. Pearson Sharp stated he was told this attack was “staged by terrorists” who had been controlling those areas. Also, he reports that residents revealed they were happy to witness the rebels, whom they often referred to as being terrorists, being defeated, they gave praises to the Syrian government and Assad.

Russia accuses the United Kingdom government of acting complicit in a ‘false flag’ event that took place in Douma, colluding with the White Helmets, and are claiming to have ‘irrefutable evidence,’ according to Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister. Russia also predicted a fake chemical attack nearly a month before it happened.

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