Saudi Arabia Has Asked for All Nine Eleven Lawsuits to Be Dropped

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Michael Kellogg is a lawyer who was employed by Saudi Arabia. He has asked the U.S. judge tasked with the case that looks into the the nation being involved with the September 11th, 2001 attacks in the United States to drop all lawsuits linking Saudi Arabia to these attacks.

This request was created at local hearings in New York in the city of Manhattan which investigates those terrorist attacks on nine eleven, Bloomberg  stated.

Kellogg stated to the U.S. District Judge George Daniels at the beginning of the hearing, which lasted an entire day just recently, that “conclusions, speculation, hearsay, aren’t enough” to link the nation of Saudi Arabia to these attacks.

He also mentioned that there’s no evidence of Saudi Arabia being involved or that they supported Al-Qaeda.

He gave argument that the victims haven’t provided any evidence that would back the cases and that “reports from the 9/11 Commission, FBI, CIA and 9/11 Review Commission found no proof Saudi Arabia backed the attacks”.

Lawyers for the nine eleven victims along with their families claim that Saudi Arabia had directed funding through its charities over to Al-Qaeda. The case was supported with their sworn testimony from former Florida senator Bob Graham and two former FBI officials, Bob Graham is also an ex-chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, where they give their opinions that Saudi Arabian officials in the U.S. were giving support to two of the nine eleven hijackers.

The judge hasn’t issued a decision yet on whether this lawsuit against the Arab nation will be further pursued or if it will be dropped. However, the Associated Press hints at the possibility of Daniels pursuing this lawsuit.

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