Technology – The Inevitable Slayer of Capitalism

*Technology – The Inevitable Slayer of Capitalism* by Alex Mulder Fox (Opinion)

The evolution of mankind is standing on the cusp of a new dawn that can only lead in one of two directions. The path of expendable slaves competing with wealthier corporate machines or a new world ideal of Utopian-ism. Sadly, this new age will not be the result of the mentality and morals of mankind reaching enlightenment, it will be forced due to the advancing of the tools of mankind. Technology is in point of fact, evolving in leaps and bounds with and or without the greed of corporate elites maximizing their gross income. Buildings will be constructed by massive 3D printers, products in automated factories. Self-sown and harvested bio farms. The list is completely endless. Machines replicating machines. Many of these technologies are currently in the prototype and theoretical stages as I write this article. Doctors are already being replaced by far more highly effective robotic-surgeons. Programming will easily be automated to a simple request as a script fulfills the desire of the systems function. There will be lesser and lesser jobs with each leap in technologies. This is a fallacy that will end what it is the elite strive for in the first place, cannibalizing itself due to greed.

What is the point of currency or credit exchange if there is no employer to employee exchange for labor? The direct system in itself is self-destructive. To think that it will all just collapse is a foolish errand. The elite knows this is an inevitable tidal wave set in motion and closing in upon us quickly. Bill Gates, the former owner of Microsoft, has already talked about paying robots that have replaced a human’s job. That would only be a temporary stitch to a gaping wound anyway. If every single desire and need of the human race can be done fully automated, then what is the need of human employees? Quality assurance? It’s not at all improbable for a sensor system to be designed to do that for us. Artificial Intelligence would surpass and outwork any human. Whatever jobs are left, if any would not be enough to sustain a functioning capitalist system.

So what does this mean? Well, there will have to be a choice made. The elite has lived in a fantasy world for so long that they don’t know how to relate to the common people. They have lived a life of luxury and laziness for so long that they could not adapt to our lives, nor could we to theirs. Look at the vast majority of rags to riches tales of rock-stars, movie stars, sports players. All too common have these folks ended up on a downward spiral of partying and heavy drug usage, ending in premature deaths or bankruptcy. There will be shortages of food and necessary consumables not because of overpopulation, but due to the fact that they do not need us anymore. We couldn’t purchase it anyways with no jobs left for humans to occupy, not in abundance. The human race will be forced into a corner inevitably. Forced to face the fact that these old-world ideals of Democracy, Capitalism, Communism, Socialism have to be readdressed. A new system has to be designed to uphold some sort of existence. There will be millions of lives lost. Then you have the issue of deprogramming the old world idealism. I have had endless debates with older generations that lived by the creed that hard work deems a good life. But there is no ability to work hard for anything!

It’s a sad reality that humans in their core have changed very little from those of the prequel of written history. The only things that have changed are silly old-world superstitions. The saying that “time is a river, it always repeats itself” is not just a poetic sonnet, it’s a factual reality. A whisper from the past, a prophecy, one that is self-fulfilling. The same wars have always been fought for the same reasons. The issue with humans is that we don’t live long enough to carry an ideal over a century. The youth of the older generations rarely have interest in the lessons learned of the elders in such a degree that it takes them repeating the same lessons in cadence enough times that fractions of those lessons finally stick. The only way for the human race to cope with this new world marching upon us is to reach a state of Utopia. A state of rediscovering a need to move the world further or face complete annihilation to our own devices. On the bright side, life has always proven resilient when faced with extinction. Not necessarily saying that a resolution was always met, but life always puts up a damned good fight to continue its course. The human race will face its worst hell, and hopefully, it learns to accept the reality of advancing all mankind or it’s the end of the human race, and the start of the new robotic race lacking emotion.

The crossroads are on the horizon. This train isn’t slowing or stopping, it’s speeding up. It’s not going to be a peaceful exchange, nor a bloodless sacrifice. There will be a war to end all wars, for humans have never shown the ability to change without such disaster. We are too blind and too primal still. This is the evolution of mankind. I only hope that I am wrong for the generations to face this choice.


Alex Mulder Fox

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