Religion – The Psychological Disorder (An Opinion Article)

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Nobody is born religious; they’re forced into it when they’re raised that way.

religion the psychological disorder

(Opinion) – *Religion, the Psychological Disorder* – by Alex Mulder Fox

The life of a child is a care free mindset where no responsibility is needed. No guilt is required. When a child is hurt, their mother or father comes to the rescue. When a child desires something, the parents provide. You we’re nurtured, loved, cradled. This is the initial design to which we were all once indulged in. Whether or not the family was dysfunctional, the vast majority had some sort of parental figure to pamper you. This is completely a natural state of being for certain. Even when you had grown into your teens and responsibility was becoming more of a force in the person’s life, there was still the safety net of the parental figure there to sustain a protective nest, so to say. Surely here is where the seed of your parental influence is implanted into your ideals. Your views of the world. Whether it was racist or not, political or not, redneck or not. Whatever the infinite possibilities there be, we were all strongly influenced. Then comes the course of adulthood. The job, the bills, the education to employ a career.

In the nations of religious idealism, a mental dysfunction occurs in these cases. The child doesn’t actually grow up. They place this reliance that they once had for the parental figure unto a being outside themselves that takes every aspect of that nurturing they had when under the wings of their guardians. Instructed through observation of their parent’s dysfunction. The endless state of being a child or teen just taking on the responsible life. The parents never truly grew-up, hence the child knows nothing other than this perpetual state of childhood. The only ones that break this state are ones that leave the nest, leave the faiths, and only then do they find the need to take claim of their own life. To take inventory of their own mistakes. To learn, to evolve. The God syndrome is sincerely nothing more than that, a syndrome. A lack of growing, a lack of maturing, a lack of adulthood. These adults wish upon a star that they get this next job, get a raise, find money for a divorce from an abusive mate. However more often than not, their wishes are not granted. People claim that prayers are answered, but this is a fact that has never been proven. The odds of said wish being brought into fruition is identical to the odds of asking a stick on a tree to grant you a said desire. Granted there could be a slight increase of odds due to the belief that something has your back. This is nothing more or less than anyone with confidence. It is not due to a God granting the request.

Is religion harmless then, if it gives confidence? In weight of the damages of a false belief in a system that is faced with other ideals of a different god, the answer is NO, it does not. It creates even more senseless obstacles to overcome. It creates division and debates. It enforces judgments of falsehoods. My god is the real God. There can never be a unification of different Gods of religions that claim a singular god that created the universe versus another God of the same said claim. Perhaps a multi God ideal could sustain a more acceptable truce of Gods, but sadly the only major religions that dominate the world are UNI-God ideals. Am dog equals dogma.

Then I set aside the factors that each religion is ancient. Based on a world of ignorance and ego. Old ways of understanding, true racism and sexism. I care not if these ideals are no longer taught, the texts remain to be discovered by the children of the religion. The laws and ideals have wrath. Wrath of hell, wrath of divinity to those who dedicate themselves more than the others. Then you have the introduction of those that capitalize from these ideals by proclaiming contact with the imaginary deity. Who can honestly debate that claim? How do you know God didn’t tell that mother to drown her child?

There is no God. That is a fact. We can debate on whether God is natural law, or the cosmos itself, or it’s the collective of all of us, but in the end you limit that god to a state that it’s no longer a God, it’s a noun. Creation doesn’t need a creator. It doesn’t need instruction from some outside character. A mother doesn’t construct a baby in her womb. The cells take care of all of that. The cells have a job, they do their jobs, some do not. Some get dysfunctional. Creation happens all the time without a creator. It’s nothing magical at all. Nothing divine. The divinity is with you and I. The choices you make. The path you chose. The lessons you learn. So what is the desire of a God in the end? The afterlife? You should not concern yourself with that. It will happen with or without your consent. Unless you are lying on your death bed, it should not be of concern to you. It’s foolish. You should concern yourself with the living. The chance that your journey to death, the road to awe can happen at any time. Make sure you have done all that you can for the living in that case. Tell your lover you love them, hold and kiss your child. Play with your pet. Concern yourself not with what is inevitable yet unpredictable. It’s foolish.

Be an adult and live your life each day as though it is your last. There is no point in worrying about the inevitable, you only waste that time you had on something you cannot change, when you could have been focused on the gift of life you have been granted. I promise you, no God will punish you to a hell for your neglecting to praise it. The only one you’re neglecting is your world.


Alex Mulder Fox

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  1. Well written view. I had experienced Divine intervention, I have seen space ships. I believe in both. Why do certain elites worship Satan? I just so happen, by choice, believe in a God. After all, in man’s finite mind, how could any one comprehend an infinite all knowing, omnipotent spirit being?


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