By Year 2030 – Only Electric Vehicles Will Be Available In India

India:  A game-changer in the clean automotive industry.

The government of India is going eco-friendly with their bid to only sell electric vehicles within the next thirteen years; by 2030. The primary reason for the switch to electric vehicles is in order to cut costs of fuel imports; and an attempt to improve the stability of India’s currency, the Rupee. The Minister of Energy; Piyush Goyal, states that he, along with the Ministry of Heavy Industries of India are working towards new laws that promote electric vehicles over these next years.

Goyal has stated that currently; electric vehicles cost more than those running on fuel, but the new laws being introduced will make them more affordable.

Like many other nations right now; India has its own initiative for promoting hybrid cars, known as FAME – Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric. The government of India offers subsidies to its people with this program.

In his speech at the Confederation of Indian Industry conference; Goyal stated the government plans on introducing these electric vehicles in a very grand way. The way is by making electric vehicles self-sufficient; and comparing it to a recent energy saver project known as UJALA – Unnat Jeevan by Affordable LED’s and Appliances. Furthermore; he said by the year 2030, the country will not sell diesel or petrol cars at all. Their government also has plans in order to aid car manufacturers in transforming from selling traditional vehicles to electric.

Goyal noted; that by 2020 the government will create stations where people can charge their vehicles, and even swap batteries.

As of right now; only Mahindra Group, an Indian Organization, is manufacturing finished electric vehicles in India. The Managing Director and Chairman of the Mahindra Group said in a tweet that:

“Time you got out here Elon. You don’t want to leave that whole market to Mahindra, do you? The more the merrier and greener.”

Although; India is already in good standing with hybrid vehicles and big market players such as BMW, Toyota, and Volvo; which all offer hybrid cars and battery refueling stations in the country. Other manufacturers like Nissan and Tesla are also planning to launch their models in the country soon.

Lake Pichola, Udaiper Rajathan, India

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