Jacob Rothschild Admits His Family was Involved in Creating Israel

February 17, 2017 | By Anon.Dos at AnonHQ.com

Jacob Rothschild, who is a well-known banker and businessman, stated earlier that the Balfour Declaration – because of which Israel exists today – was largely due to the Rothschild family.

Now watch and listen to Jacob Rothschild himself telling the story of the creation of Israel and how his family was involved in it:

Dorothy de Rothschild, who was very young at the time of Israel’s birth, and who is one of Jacob Rothschild’s cousins, was highly devoted to Israel and its people. She was one of those who became the establishment between the British lifestyle and the foreigner Chaim Weizmann; she taught him the traits of the British culture and its government.

Dorothy’s letters along with the Declaration are kept at the Waddesdon Manor, which is the Rothschild country house in Buckinghamshire, UK, and reflects her heavy involvement with the Zionist leaders. Jacob also admitted that Dorothy had a powerful effect on him, which led him to his love for Israel and the Rothschild Foundation, which organises massive charity events for Israel and other similar causes.

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