7 Executive Orders So Far, Lots More Memorandums – But What ARE They?

February 7, 2017 | By AnonWatcher at AnonHQ.com

So. Many. Questions.

The executive order grants the President a degree of discretionary power but are subjected to judicial review. If the courts determine, the order can be halted, but only under constitutional law – where the statue of constitution is unsupported.

Normally, these orders pertain more to domestic and internal affairs than foreign policy but are also used during war time and emergencies.

Executive orders do not require congressional approval. This is where the President sets the theme with the benefit of avoiding public debate. It can only be amended by another executive order.

Furthermore, executive orders require numbering and publication in the Federal Register by law. So far, Trump has only issued 7 orders.

The memoranda are still an exercise of presidential power.

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