The 10 Most Notorious Hacks of All Time

November 30, 2016 | By IT Ninja at

From the massive Mirai DDoS cyber-attack to images exploiting your information, cyber-attacks are the new war front for many.
Who needs a rocket launcher when you have a keyboard?

The United States Department of Defense, alongside with NASA, had been hacked by teenager, Jonathan James, 15.It’s 1999, a time in which computer technology really started to boom.

James penetrated the secured computers hosted within the Department of Defense division and then proceeded to install a backdoor to their servers. James uploaded a virus onto the servers, allowing him to easily intercept digital emails being sent from different government sectors, with some emails containing usernames and passwords for various military computers.

Using some of the stolen information, he then proceeded to steal software made by NASA. This act ended up costing the space agency roughly $41,000 USD, and their systems shutdown for around 3 weeks. The NASA software was reported to be worth$1.7 million and supported a space station’s physical environment.

James was caught, yet, received a very light sentence due to his age and protected minor’s rights. However, sadly, James took his own life after being accused of assisting other hackers in stealing credit card information. In his suicide note he made it extremely clear that he was not associated with the theft of the credit card information.

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