IoT DDoS Cannon Packets for Sale

November 21, 2016 | By IT Ninja at


While it may appear to be a dream come true for some, for others, this is a nightmare in a basket. While the last massive DDoS attack left history reeling, this could be nothing against the weeks to come, according to some media outlets suggesting that the creators of the Mirai DDoS botnet are now selling packets of their DDoS botnet online. These findings were discovered just days after the IoT devices were compromised during the massive DDoS attack.


In what is expected to be a first for the RSA security company, they recently stumbled upon this new revelation on an underground criminal forum. However, RSA has not released their sources at this time.

The chief research officer for F-Secure, Mikko Hypponen, has, however, released a Tweet that the Tor-based Alpha Bay Market is hosting the sale. “This is the first time we’ve seen an IoT botnet up for rent or sale, especially one boasting that amount of firepower. It’s definitely a worrying trend seeing the DDoS capabilities grow,” states the RSA’s head of Fraud Action business unit, Daniel Cohen.

The seller behind the alleged DDoS botnet is stating that it could, in fact, generat e an outstanding 1TB of traffic. 

If these allegations prove to be true, this will be hovering close to the world record DDoS attack that hit the French hosting provider OVH, just earlier this month, and had witnessed just over a 1TB attack.

Prices of these Botnet packages reportedly range from 50,000 Bots for $4,600, to 100,000 Bots for $7,500, however, I have not found any evidence as yet.

Saying that, combining two or more of the above packages would easily overwhelm a target with data, also widely known as a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.


Cohen is uncertain at this point in time, if the alleged botnet for hire is in any relation to the Mirai Botnet resources, which had weaponized several IoT devices to swamp Dyn, the DNS provider. However, Forbes revealed the culprit behind the massive DDoS botnet selling as an anonymous person on Alpha Bay Market under the alias name “LOLDONGS.”

Although the sources are adamant of their claims, during my own research, there were no posts of their descriptions to be found.

By IT Ninja – Creative Commons license –

Sources: Twitter (Mikko Hypponen), Tor-Network (Alpha Bay Market).

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