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Texas Man Convicted for Running Website Since 1996 Detailing Child Sex Abuse

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Thomas Alan Arthur, an age 64 Texas man, was convicted by a federal jury on Thursday for trafficking stories and photos of child sexual abuse on a clear web site he had...

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Texas Man Convicted for Running Website Since 1996 Detailing Child Sex Abuse

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Thomas Alan Arthur, an age 64 Texas man, was convicted by a federal jury on Thursday for trafficking stories and...

South Korean speedskating coach gets 10 years in prison for raping teen Olympian

(The AEGIS Alliance) - A South Korean speedskating coach on Thursday was sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison for sexually assaulting...

South Carolina couple arrested for making porn videos on Myrtle Beach Skywheel, in community pool

(The AEGIS Alliance) - MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA - A couple has been accused of having intercourse on the Myrtle Beach Skywheel ride and...

Missouri woman accused of tracking down and killing brother’s suspected murderer

(The AEGIS Alliance) - A sister, devastated by the murder of her younger brother is alleged to have tracked down his suspected assassin and...

Woman gets record 43-year prison sentence for insulting Thai king: “I thought it was nothing”

(The AEGIS Alliance) - A court of law in Thailand on Tuesday convicted a former civil servant to forty-three and a half years for...

Police: Las Vegas woman lights fire, attacks date after he showed up with $5

(The AEGIS Alliance) - LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - A woman, age 43 was arrested for trying to kill her dinner date. Las Vegas police say...

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Kidnapped Christian girl, 12, raped and chained up by man, 45, in Pakistan, is rescued

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Many are at ease now that a 12-year-old innocent girl has been rescued from her abductor. Authorities in Pakistan stated...

California man lived in Chicago airport for 3 months, ‘too scared of COVID’ to fly home

(The AEGIS Alliance) - CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - Many people were stunned when prosecutors stated that a man lived inside O’Hare International Airport for a...

Louisiana deputies who sat on top of ‘severely autistic’ boy until he died, sued over his death

(The AEGIS Alliance) - The mother and father of a “severely autistic” teenager are suing a Louisiana sheriff’s department for the death of their...

Lawsuit accuses Hamptons yacht captain of raping unconscious woman

(The AEGIS Alliance) - A Hamptons, New York yacht captain allegedly raped an unconscious woman who passed out on his charter boat after a...

FBI indicts 14 MS-13 gang leaders on terrorism charges

(The AEGIS Alliance) - More than a dozen high-ranking members of the worldwide MS-13 gang have been indicted on Thursday and are facing terrorism...

US Figure Skating to pay $1.45 million to settle sexual abuse claims

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Just hours prior to the 2021 U.S. Figure Skating Championships had been set to start in Las Vegas, the lawyer...

‘Do you need help?’ Restaurant manager’s note leads to arrest of boy’s abusive parents

(The AEGIS Alliance) - ORLANDO, FLORIDA - An observant supervisor at an Orlando restaurant helped save a boy who the police said was the...

Human trafficking lawsuit filed against Western Iowa Tech Community College

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Two college students from Chile and another nine from Brazil have filed a lawsuit that alleges an Iowa community college...

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Extreme Inland Empire, California winds! Pales in comparison to massive damage caused by Hurricanes
Video thumbnail
The Bronx, New York Double Bus splits in two, hangs suspending from freeway overpass in an accident!
Video thumbnail
January 6, 2020: Downtown Los Angeles Protests, and Counter Protests, in the Order of Time of Events
Video thumbnail
CAUGHT RED-HANDED! - Twitter Artificially Inflating Trends that wouldn't otherwise be Trending!
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Kenosha County District Attorney Rules No Charges Against Officers Who Shot, Paralyzed Jacob Blake
Video thumbnail
Canada: Police make arrests for "Gathering of 6 people" on New Year's Eve, a few of them lived there
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UK Judge rules Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will not be extradited to US, not because journalism
Video thumbnail
Julian Assange Twitter Storm happening today and every Friday with hashtag #WeAreAllAssange
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Samuel L Jackson: I hate COVID but it doesn't drive around sayin protect n serve before it kills you
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Columbus, Ohio Officer Adam Coy FIRED after Police Shooting Death of Andre Maurice Hill - Full Story
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Police Brutality, Killings in Kenya, African countries are out of control! Here's what it's like.
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NYPD SLAMS into Civilian's Car in Queens, New York! This isn't the first time the NYPD has...
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Congress Approves Meme-Sharing, Streaming Ban in Omnibus Bill with COVID Relief, Defense Budget!
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Keller, Texas: Cop Pepper Sprays Man's Father for Filming in Public and Given No Medical Treatment!
Video thumbnail
Massive Explosion ROCKS Nashville, Tennessee on Christmas Day! Appears to have been intentional!
Video thumbnail
Boston Police Sergeant brags about hitting protesters with car! Even after told bodycam is running!
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Vape Mail Ban in Omnibus/COVID Relief Bill, Why it's a problem. Vape Black Market. "I'm gonna vomit"
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Officially unmasking myself on YouTube for first time. Bit about The AEGIS Alliance - Kyle James Lee
Video thumbnail
SATIRE COMEDY: SANTA CLAUS blown up out of the sky cause people thought he was a bio-weapon!
Video thumbnail
Police barged into a homeless man's tent, arrest him, then realize they were at the wrong location
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Anonymous Million Mask March 2020 - Safe Marching from The AEGIS Alliance! - V for Vendetta Style
Video thumbnail
The Los Angeles Dodgers Win World Series 2020 and a Message From Vin Scully
Video thumbnail
An Anonymous OpFuhQ Bedtime Story
Video thumbnail
Lakers Fans Had Such a Good Time Celebrating Championship Win Then LAPD Was Called In To Disperse
Video thumbnail
Things got pretty wild in Downtown Los Angeles after the Lakers won the 2020 NBA Championships
Video thumbnail
L.A. Lakers VP and General Manager Rob Pelinka gives heartfelt speech after 2020 championship win
Video thumbnail
Pendleton, Indiana: Video Captures Moment Freight Train Plows into Tractor-Trailer
Video thumbnail
Paris police station attack in Champigny-Sur-Marne - October 11, 2020
Video thumbnail
Montgomery, Ohio - October 7, 2020 - Construction Crew Ignites Gas Line On Fire
Video thumbnail
To @AmericanDadLive on Twitter... I've got just one question about your Pokemon cards collection
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Rochester NY Mayor Lovely Warren others indicted, defraud scheme campaign finance violations charges
Video thumbnail
Karens Gone Wild: UK Edition! - A Wild Karen Smashes a Bunch of Wine Bottles and Other Store Items!
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Here's How Japan is Practicing Social Distancing... Some wore masks... Right? Right? Oh Never mind!
Video thumbnail
The AEGIS Alliance's Response to Tom MacDonald's Gravestones Song
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Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno Cover-Up of State Attorney Amira Fox’s Forgery!
Video thumbnail
Millions of US Jobs Don't Exist Anymore, Big Business Buys Up Small Business, Evictions, Real Estate
Video thumbnail
New Jersey Police Manhandled, Arrested 15-year-old Boy, for Riding a Bike without a Helmet
Video thumbnail
A "Karen" calls police on a black man sitting in his car outside his own home
Video thumbnail
Corona, California Minivan Driver Struck Motorcyclist, Drags Bike in Front of Van at High Speeds
Video thumbnail
The Story of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un's Death - For the Lulz Edition (Semi-Satire)
Video thumbnail
Kyle James Lee / The Real Gambit - Training with my 6 Ft Greater Staff at Night - The AEGIS Alliance
Video thumbnail
Lee County, Florida, LCSO Sheriff Carmine Marceno, and his Felony Corruption Exposed!
Video thumbnail
A warning to LCSO Sheriff Carmine Marceno in Lee County, Florida
Video thumbnail
Louisiana Police Officer Charged With Rape, Accused of Coercing Sex During Traffic Stop
Video thumbnail
Police Shove Through Crowd, Arrest Diners at Fresno, California Waffle Shop on Mother's Day
Video thumbnail
Official The AEGIS Alliance Intro 2.0
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4/18/2020 - Rowland Heights, California: Car crashes into, embeds itself into a home, suspects flee
Video thumbnail
The Ugly Truth about the U.S. Corona Virus Stimulus Bill
Video thumbnail
Doctors say Media is Overreacting and Over-Reporting about Coronavirus, Causing Unnecessary Panic
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Facebook Expects Pages and Groups to Act as Their Own Independent Fact-Checkers, Why it's a problem

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Zhang Zhan sentenced to prison reporting on Wuhan COVID outbreak

Citizen Journalist Who Reported on Wuhan COVID Outbreak Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Zhang Zhan, a journalist, has been penalized with a four-year prison...
John Bianchini New Jersey mailman charged arrested dark web child porn

Prosecutors: New Jersey Mailman used ‘Dark Web’ to view thousands of child porn files

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Authorities stated that a mail courier in New Jersey viewed over...
larry dean brown jr south carolina set girlfriend on fire with gasoline

South Carolina Man Charged with Lighting Girlfriend on Fire with Gasoline

(The AEGIS Alliance) - A man from South Carolina has been accused of setting his...
Missouri couple charged killing girl torturing mother brother

Missouri couple charged with killing 4-year-old girl, torturing her mother and 2-year-old brother

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Two culprits have been apprehended in Missouri following the alleged murder...
Walmart Feds DOJ sue opioid crisis epidemic lawsuit

DOJ suing Walmart over role in opioid crisis, unlawfully dispensed medications

(The AEGIS Alliance) - The Justice Department on Tuesday sued Walmart for fueling the nationwide...
Tokyo Japan soft on demand adult porn start theme park attraction open opens opened grand opening

Japan Opens New Five-Story Tall ‘Adult’ Theme Park Staffed by Porn Stars

(The AEGIS Alliance) - TOKYO, JAPAN - A Japanese adult film producer has now opened...
Texas billionaire Robert Brockman charged in billion dollar tax scheme

DOJ Charges Texas Billionaire Over $2 Billion Tax Fraud Scheme

(The AEGIS Alliance) - SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - Texas billionaire Robert Brockman was charged by...
General Salvador Cienfuegos former Mexico secretary of Defense from 2012 to 2018

Mexico’s Former Defense Secretary Arrested by DEA at LAX on Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering Charges

(The AEGIS Alliance) - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Mexico's former defense secretary General Salvador Cienfuegos...
James Hobson Hacksmith Industries lightsaber

Canadian YouTubers Engineered Hyper-Realistic Plasma Lightsaber that can Slice Through Steel

(The AEGIS Alliance) - The lightsaber developed by James Hobson is not meant to be...
USPS united states post office PA Pennsylvania employee worker who threw out mail was a QAnon supporter follower of Q Anon

Pennsylvania USPS Worker Who Threw Out Mail is a QAnon Follower

(The AEGIS Alliance) - The Inspector General for the United States Postal Office is investigating...
DEA largest biggest meth bust Riverside County California

2,224 Pounds of Meth Tied to Sinaloa Cartel Seized in Riverside County, Biggest Haul in DEA History

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Federal authorities are showed off the results of raids in Southern...
CBP customs seize seized drug seizure meth fentanyl second biggest largest bust ever along southwestern US United States border

Customs Makes ‘Second Largest’ Meth and Fentanyl Bust Along Southwest Border

(The AEGIS Alliance) - U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized over 3,100 pounds of illicit...
pharmacy flu shot Facebook to ban anti vaxxer anti vaccination ads

Facebook is Launching Policy to Ban Anti-Vaccination Ads

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Facebook stated on Tuesday that it will launch a new global...
11 year old steals school bus flips off cops

11-Year-Old Steals School Bus, Flips Middle Finger at Officers as He Speeds Past Them

(The AEGIS Alliance) - His joyride was fun while it lasted, but his trip to...
Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid confirms federal government has been hiding covering up UFO UFO's for years

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Confirms: Federal Government Covered Up UFOs For Years

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said the United States...

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