Julian Assange was Offered Pardon if He ‘Helped Resolve Speculation’ about Russia’s Role in DNC hack, Court Told

(The AEGIS Alliance) - LONDON - Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks had been given an offer for a presidential pardon if he assisted in resolving the "ongoing speculation about Russian involvement" in the...

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Julian Assange was Offered Pardon if He ‘Helped Resolve Speculation’ about Russia’s Role in DNC hack, Court Told

(The AEGIS Alliance) - LONDON - Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks had been given an offer for a presidential pardon if he assisted...

262 Arrests and Five Missing Children Found in Oklahoma Operation Targeting Violent Crime

(The AEGIS Alliance) - OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA - An operation carried out by the U.S. Marshals Service in Oklahoma City resulted in five missing...

Canadian Man Charged for Speeding at 87 mph While Asleep at the Wheel in a Tesla on Autopilot

(The AEGIS Alliance) - A man driving a Tesla on autopilot decided to take a nap as the vehicle accelerated over the speed limit...

Epstein Accuser Sues Ghislaine Maxwell Over Trafficking Allegations

(The AEGIS Alliance) - NEW YORK - A Jeffrey Epstein accuser named Jennifer Araoz filed a lawsuit on Monday against Ghislaine Maxwell for assisting...

3 Brothers Accused of Raping 10-Year-Old Louisiana Girl After Offering Money for Sex

(The AEGIS Alliance) - KENNER, LOUISIANA - Authorities in Louisiana said three brothers are accused of raping a 10-year-old girl. Raul and Wilmer Paz Perez...

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City of Louisville Reaches $12 Million Settlement with Breonna Taylor’s Family

(The AEGIS Alliance) - The city of Louisville, Kentucky, has come to an agreement with Breonna Taylor's family to pay a $12 million settlement....

Police: Florida Woman Shoplifted Sex Toy, Used it in the Store

(The AEGIS Alliance) - FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA - A Florida woman shoplifted a sex toy, then removed all of her clothes and began using...

South Dakota Attorney General Reported He Hit a Deer but Actually Killed Man in Crash

(The AEGIS Alliance) - SOUTH DAKOTA - The attorney general for South Dakota, Jason Ravnsborg filed a police report and said he hit a...

Louisiana Judge Found Guilty of Sex Crimes Against Teen Girls

(The AEGIS Alliance) - LOUISIANA - A judge in Louisiana who's up for re-election this year has been found guilty of child sex crimes...

Orange County Deputies Accused of Falsely Claiming Military Called them in to Serve, Collecting Paid Time Off

(The AEGIS Alliance) - ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA - Seven deputies with the Orange County Sheriff's Department who are also serving the military in the...

Son Died In Oregon Wildfire Trying To Save Grandmother, Boy’s Parents Say

(The AEGIS Alliance) - LYONS, OREGON - A family in Oregon decided to sleep when the fire was 15 miles away, but they were...

California Sheriff’s Deputy Charged After Caught on Video Stealing from a Dead Man’s Home

(The AEGIS Alliance) - ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA - This officer decided to steal a safe instead of keeping his community safe. A California sheriff's deputy...

5 Arrested in Child Predator Sting “Operation Home Alone 2” Including Ex-Detective

(The AEGIS Alliance) - ARIZONA - Authorities arrested five men suspected of being child predators during a monthlong crackdown on sex trafficking called “Operation...

One of the Biggest QAnon Sites Taken Offline After Operator Is Outed

(The AEGIS Alliance) - One of the biggest Qanon conspiracy theory hubs on the internet named QMap, suddenly went offline this week following the...

California Inmate Firefighters Can Now Have Their Records Expunged and Become Professionals

(The AEGIS Alliance) - CALIFORNIA - The inmate firefighters have won this fight. People incarcerated in California who has volunteered to fight wildfires in the...

Four Houston Police Officers Fired For Their Involvement in Shooting Death of Nicolas Chavez

(The AEGIS Alliance) - HOUSTON, TEXAS - Four police officers have now been fired because of their involvement in the police shooting death of...

Bill Cooper Predicted 9/11 in Advance And Was Murdered Shortly After

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Milton William Cooper, or Bill Cooper, as he was most often referred to, was a radio broadcaster and author, and...

New York Teen Suspended From School for Attending Classes In-Person

(The AEGIS Alliance) - MASTIC BEACH, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK - A senior high school student is fighting against a controversial decision by his...
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Millions of US Jobs Don't Exist Anymore, Big Business Buys Up Small Business, Evictions, Real Estate
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New Jersey Police Manhandled, Arrested 15-year-old Boy, for Riding a Bike without a Helmet
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A "Karen" calls police on a black man sitting in his car outside his own home
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Corona, California Minivan Driver Struck Motorcyclist, Drags Bike in Front of Van at High Speeds
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The Story of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un's Death - For the Lulz Edition (Semi-Satire)
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Kyle James Lee / The Real Gambit - Training with my 6 Ft Greater Staff at Night - The AEGIS Alliance
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Lee County, Florida, LCSO Sheriff Carmine Marceno, and his Felony Corruption Exposed!
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A warning to LCSO Sheriff Carmine Marceno in Lee County, Florida
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Louisiana Police Officer Charged With Rape, Accused of Coercing Sex During Traffic Stop
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Police Shove Through Crowd, Arrest Diners at Fresno, California Waffle Shop on Mother's Day
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Official The AEGIS Alliance Intro 2.0
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4/18/2020 - Rowland Heights, California: Car crashes into, embeds itself into a home, suspects flee
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The Ugly Truth about the U.S. Corona Virus Stimulus Bill
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Doctors say Media is Overreacting and Over-Reporting about Coronavirus, Causing Unnecessary Panic
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Facebook Expects Pages and Groups to Act as Their Own Independent Fact-Checkers, Why it's a problem
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The Real Elite Haxor
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Anonymous - JusticeforJosiah - Justice for Josiah Pinner
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MSNBC Ignores CDC's Findings that Vape Illnesses are Linked to Vitamin E Acetate Oil
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CDC Links Vape Illness to Vitamin E Acetate Oil, and AHA’s Quit Lying Propaganda Campaign
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The Repercussions of a Nationwide Vape Flavor Ban
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The New Official Opener for The AEGIS Alliance Videos!
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Vape Flavor Ban Panic and Media Misinforming the Public
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New eleaf iStick Tria Vapor Device From SmokStore.com issues
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An Important Message from The AEGIS Alliance About Past Videos We’ve Produced
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Strong Fontana CA Winds - Reflecting on Losses Due to Hurricanes
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Nestlé Exposed - Is a Key Contributing Factor to California's Wildfires
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New Hampshire Double Murder Exposed by Anonymous - The AEGIS Alliance! - Part 2
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WARNING: This Image Video was Created Using Only an Image; it isn't an actual Video!
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Anonymous Needs the Power of the People! State of Corruption NH is in Danger!
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Morning Warm Up With My Greater Staff
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A Message About the Corruption in New Hampshire - From Anonymous!
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Mr Jack Ottenwalder - Lee County Florida - Evidence in his Favor
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As America Celebrated Memorial Day; We Question Corrupt Lee County Officials Feeling the Same Way
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Message to Release Gregory Scott Goodyear, Corrupt Lee County PD Exposed by Anon, The AEGIS Alliance
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Anonymous Exposes Sheriff Mike Scott Under Federal Control!
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An Anonymous Order to Vacate the State of Corruption NH!
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A Message to the State Court of New Hampshire s Judge Delker from Anonymous and The AEGIS Alliance
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Anonymous Exposes Judicial Watch Corruption! - From Jan/10th/2017
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Anonymous stands by WikiLeaks! Message to Donald Trump
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How to Contain and Put out Wildfires State of Emergency Florida 4-22-2017
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Targeting of Minorities Exposed! Florida NFL Superstars and Lee County Agree!
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ISKCON in Lee County Florida Exposed by Patrick Farrell and on theaegisalliance.com!
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Drug Cartel Location in Fort Myers Florida Exposed by Anon Around the World and AEGIS
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Anonymous Around The World and The AEGIS Alliance Expose State Attorney Potential Career Suicide!
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Anonymous Around The World and The AEGIS Alliance Stand by POTUS TRUMP Going Against the Cartels!
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Improved Audio - Anonymous Exposes Conspiracy Lee County FL Courts. Coverup for Sheriff Mike Scott!
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Anonymous Presents Lee County FL Sheriff Mike Scott fabricated evidence! Forces Guilt in Conspiracy!
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Anonymous Exposes WMUR NH! Fake News Media! Drug Cartel ties to Lee County FL Sheriff Mike Scott!
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Anonymous Calls on Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire! Demands Attorney General Resignation!
three arrested child sex crimes Iowa Frank Maier Danielle Williams and David Jones

Three Arrested for Child Sex Crimes in Iowa, They Lived Together with Minors

(The AEGIS Alliance) - DES MOINES, IOWA - Three adults have been arrested and jailed,...
James Fairbanks killed kills pedophile Mattieo Condoluci Omaha Nebraska

Public School Employee Confesses on Facebook to Killing Pedophile, Gets Arrested

(The AEGIS Alliance) - OMAHA, NEBRASKA - A public school employee has been taken into...
real life minority report new facial recognition predicts if you're a criminal

New Facial Recognition Software Predicts You’re a Criminal Based on Your Face

(MintPress News) - A team from the University of Harrisburg, PA, has developed automated computer...
Robert Simeone stole from children of wounded warriors kids charity former Palm Beach Florida sheriff's deputy

Former Palm Beach Deputy Goes to Prison for Stealing from Kids’ Charity

(The AEGIS Alliance) - WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA - A former Palm Beach sheriff's deputy...
Dustin Sneed East Ridge Tennessee set grandma's grandmother's home house on fire

Tennessee Man Facing Multiple Charges After Setting Grandmother’s Home on Fire, Trapped Dogs Inside

(The AEGIS Alliance) - EAST RIDGE, TENNESSEE - A man in Tennessee is facing multiple...
Louisville Metro police department LMPD officer Robert Neff

Louisville Kentucky Police Officer Charged with Sexually Abusing a Woman while On Duty

(The AEGIS Alliance) - LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY - An officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department...
George Floyd protests palettes of bricks

INSURRECTION: Pallets of bricks are being pre-staged in flashpoint cities across the country

(The AEGIS Alliance) - UNITED STATES - Reports from citizen journalists continue to spread on...

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s Felony Corruption

(The AEGIS Alliance) - LEE COUNTY,  FLORIDA - Greetings world! We are The AEGIS Alliance,...
child pornography porn sting Polk County Florida Disney World employees

Child Pornography Sting Arrests 16 Men, Including Disney World Employees

(The AEGIS Alliance) - POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA - Two Disney World employees were among more...
Corona California minivan van driver struck collides with motorcyclist drags it in front of vehicle on freeway high speeds

Corona, California Minivan Driver Struck Motorcyclist, Drags Bike in Front of Van at High Speeds (Video)

(The AEGIS Alliance) - CORONA, CALIFORNIA - A man in Corona, California, has been arrested...
Ron Jeremy charged sexual assault charges

Iconic Porn Star Ron Jeremy Charged with Four Counts of Sexual Assault

(The AEGIS Alliance) - CALIFORNIA - The famous adult film star Ron Jeremy is facing...
Ghislaine Maxwell arrested Jeffrey Epstein associate

Jeffrey Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested for Sex-Trafficking, Perjury Charges

(The AEGIS Alliance) - NEW YORK - The British socialist named Ghislaine Maxwell who's been...
Jeffrey Epstein documents files ordered destroyed destroy US judge

Judge Rules Lawyers Who Prosecuted Epstein for Sex Crimes Must “Destroy” Jeffrey Epstein Files

(The AEGIS Alliance) - NEW YORK - A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that lawyers...
Jacob Daniel Carothers forest service firefighter arrested Newport Beach San Jacinto

Forest Service Firefighter Arrested on Felony Charges, Allegedly Groped 12-Year-Old Girl

(The AEGIS Alliance) - NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA - A firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service...
Robert McWilliams Ohio priest indicted child sex crimes

Ohio Priest Indicted on Child Exploitation, Child Porn, Sex Trafficking Charges

(The AEGIS Alliance) - CLEVELAND, OHIO - A priest with the Cleveland Catholic Diocese has...

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