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Hi everyone, and my step mom ******** Lee … She caught me off guard when she asked me if I was goth now because I like to wear black; so I thought I’d explain…

I never fit in with the goths, emos, vamps, or rebels; because I was a rebel who liked to party … but they were cool or whatevers. I asked a Punk Rocker about movin’ up… He said nah man, you couldn’t make it as a punker… Wouldn’t last.

Anonymous Headset

Then a Rocker noticed me, and said… dude, you’re goin straight past Punk Rocker n all the way to Rocker. I said “Wow, that’s amazing!”‘ … Then they let me in on their protected secret, only rumors to the classes and ranks below… About the space pirate rockers, stuff only legends have spoken about. They’re so into wearing black because of painting it black, but they’re ALLL tryin to make it all the way up the stairway to heaven, past the iron man section; if they can help it.

… Only then will they reach the God Mode Cloud 9. But that’s just myth of course, fairy tales that the rockers made up; stuff that probly doesn’t even exist. Not sure why I had never told the rockers before, about my name, Kyle James Lee, add the Kyle + Lee = 7. Middle James = 5. Add them all together, 12, 21 backwards. Oh and my B-day… 2/21 at 2:21 AM in 1983, then they added the 1 9 8 3 and noticed the 21. Guy told me, dude, you could probly make it to space pirate rocker, someday, a long time from now. I said, damn that’s crazy, you really think so? He said ya dude, you could do it.

Funny story about the Cloud 9, I was thinkin to myself, about how in the eastern lands, black is the holy color; and they added degrees to their belts, up to 9 and then you master it. I told them I can really relate, I made it to the 4th degree… how many Clouds are you guys on? … Kinda like these guys who think about how there’s a super saiyan 4, but then one guy says… what if there was a super saiyan 9? … And someone who didn’t think about that, is just mesmerized by the whole idea. Then that person wants to go out and find one of those super saiyan 9’s, to learn from. Maybe he finds a super saiyan 7 along the way, and learns from that guy too. … I can just relate to that stuff all too well.





(Surprised she wasn’t aware of parts in this story.
😉 ) …

******* Lee: Dad says you were born at 1:21 am, sorry to burst your bubble..

Marty Billington: Really, ***** …Steve remembers that??? Does he have the birth certificate, or do you Kyle?? That would answer it all!

****** Lee: Steve remembers…. He only had to remember one…

Kyle Lee: Well I spose that’s even better, because ##1Rocker… we have the birth certificate, it does say 1:21; but there was something about the doctors not wanting to put it down. >_>


Kyle Lee: Oh, and a bit of common knowledge went without saying.. because you know when they finally made it all the way up the stairway to heaven; they had to knock on heavens door.

brushin teeth n listenin to metal

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