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Plagiarism and copyright infringement of our own content; is not allowed.

Our website theaegisalliance.com has free and opened sourced articles remaining on it; and we give the sources article credit. We use a Creative Commons license for these open sourced articles. We have our own articles; and we’re now only using our own articles. We are moving more towards improving our SEO. Zero click throughs. It is also available in many languages with a switcher; but it may not translate well for certain languages.

AEGIS Alliance, The… is a partnership agreement filed with trustworthy friends; between the United States​ and Canada acting as allies.

The AEGIS Alliance (Tagged is our Public Group) supports Anonymous causes.
#OpVietnam #OpVietMedia #OpVietcongs with Video proof of our successful operation: http://bit.ly/2bHbyH0
– Me to TOGO: To the #ISIS #Daesh: True story. I managed to kill two maybe three Daesh communicators through an email scam phone call: http://bit.ly/2cYtXzp
#RealMutant story of Kyle James Lee / The Real Gambit: It’s true; I have mutated genes in a positive way, and a lot more to the summarized story: http://bit.ly/2ceNLOn
– The #AngryGermanVoice story… Funny story I made up about how Hitler used Meth; and in fact, he did! http://bit.ly/2bBzfxS– The #RockerStory I made up… http://bit.ly/2cdC5uv
– Agents at The AEGIS Alliance – (Verified Government Organization)
Shows up in Facebook search results for “Police Stations in Glendora California” with the other qualified police station pages.Search results for Police Stations in Glendora California on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2cmrA5H and http://bit.ly/2c7PIaZ

We are not #GhostSec, they run on ” Donations ” … But there are government backed donations going to #GhostSec. #GhostSec has carried out certain greater operations… These in particular weren’t just a group of teenagers in their basement.

It’s not that we aren’t co-operative with the United States; but  we aren’t controlled by the Government either. AnonHQ.com isn’t what Anonymous represents; they fill their pages with advertisements and sell Anonymous items only to profit around four hundred thousand dollars annually.

TheAEGISAlliance.com is available in many different languages with our language switcher. There are many Anonymous from many Anonymous out there, who are the real Anons… They do not rely on the government for those who know things about hacking. White Hat as one would want it to be… But there are Black Hats. There’s also those who are White Hats by day; but Black Hats at night. … Anything we’ve done; is for a very good reason.

There has since been the Dyn DNS attack which shut down many websites of great importance to a lot of people; those in the United States were affected the most.

… We have no intentions to attack the United States or Canada; with such a high risk involved. If anyone attacks the United States or Canada and claims to be AEGIS; they aren’t us, and are a rogue agent. … But, we cannot control all of Anonymous! … The truth is; behind the masks, Novice to Elite, most Anons depend on world currencies for their very own survival.
… We still stand as not controlled or operated by a Government. Although; we have limited and highly trusted contacts.
The AEGIS Alliance has Anonymous Allies.

PayPal and Contact email: aegisalliance@theaegisalliance.com

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Kyle James Lee is the Majority Partnership holder of AEGIS Alliance, The. He studied in college for Media Arts & Game Development. Talents include Writer, Graphic Design, Web Design, Owner/Operator of FB.ME/AEGISAlliance , and Video Editing.