DARPA and Trans-Pecos Weather Modification Association – Texas Floods 8/24/2017

This photo is a document by the Trans-Pecos Weather Modification Association regarding a Geo-engineering event on August 24, 2017 to take place in Culberson and Reeves County, Texas. This has not been verified by Defense Advanced Research Projects […]

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Attempting to Clear up Misconceptions about Anonymous…

Attempting to clear up misconceptions about Anonymous… #Anonymous has different sectors… They aren’t just one big group of “hackers” like the misconceptions some people have about them. There are many “hacker” groups who’ve done operations that […]

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The AEGIS Alliance Exposes New Hampshire Double Murder – Further Intel!

The AEGIS Alliance is not a leader of Anonymous; but we have Anonymous Allies! Previously, The AEGIS Alliance created a video using a script provided by an Anonymous member which exposed a double murder in […]

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