Wikileaks Publishes “Spy Files Russia” Expose Russia’s Mass Surveillance Program

Image Credit: The Last American Vagabond WikiLeaks just recently released a lot of documentation below the heading “Spy Files Russia.” The documents recommend that Moscow utilizes a sophisticated state surveillance program to spy on Russian sites and cellphone customers. Ironically, this release comes after many claims […]

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New Facebook Messenger Scam Tricks Users Into Sending Virus Infected Links to Friends

If you happen to be utilizing Facebook Messenger, be cautious when clicking the hyperlinks your buddies send, it could make you vulnerable to cyber criminals. David Jacob, an IT security researcher, says cyber criminals have devised […]

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Attempting to Clear up Misconceptions about Anonymous…

Attempting to clear up misconceptions about Anonymous… #Anonymous has different sectors… They aren’t just one big group of “hackers” like the misconceptions some people have about them. There are many “hacker” groups who’ve done operations that […]

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