Kenneth Michael Paciorek And Corruption in State of Indiana (Evidence)

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The AEGIS Alliance hereby desires and encourages the United States Government and others in the U.S. to investigate the matters presented in this copyrighted article; along with the evidence downloads.

Evidence Available for Download, Virus Free  – 248 and 101 Megabytes:

Some of this information may be vague; because it’s hard to keep track of being informed about many events at varying points in time , and so the article isn’t too long. This will only be a short summary of the events Ken has been dealing with. Evidence in favor of Kenneth Michael Paciorek is available for download.

Ken has become a broken man due to corruption taking place in the state of Indiana. He was once a well off business owner. Kenneth Michael Paciorek “Puh-chor-ek” is currently wanted with no bond over an unpaid ambulance bill. He has paid this same ambulance bill four times now; but it never stays in the system that he’s paid it. He recently missed his court date because he had no gas or money and no way of getting to the courthouse. Things have kept getting worse and worse for this man over time.

Ken has been charged more than once for possession of a controlled substance; but it was actually his prescription medication which was still in the prescription bottle.

Ken was betrayed by a previous roommate in 2017. Dan Hicky and Ken got into a fight; where the roommate initiated it. The roommate left Ken with a black eye and other injuries one could get from a brawl. But meanwhile; the roommate has little to no injuries, but still requested an ambulance for medical treatment. Ken however; refused medical attention as the documentation proves.

“Ambulance showed up like five minutes after the police did, so why is the story and time change after I pressed asking for all my bond receipts for my s***ty ex lawyer. I got a packet of all these fake old shit and some new s**t with a different story after demanding for them back. In phone call Steve said he talk to me every day well my phone records say otherwise and I still haven’t received what I gave him just a packet of more charges.”

A later roommate in 2017 ended up stealing Kens wallet and prescription medication that he needs for his anxiety and to focus. There is audio of Ken speaking to the detective in order to report the stolen items; but no police report was ever filed.

Ken is also a father who was ordered to pay $1,000 in child support; he paid this, and his receipt proves he paid it, but it was as though the court system never registered that he paid it.

Ken’s car has also been towed multiple times; even though he’s been paying to get it out of the tow yard.

The uhaul thing breaks my fourth amendment and the manager tells me the truth.

“I found out from my friend that her lawyer friends were seeing some s*** that can get into my records and Valparaiso never wrote anything down.”

“I went to groups to see if they can share that to the judge that’s handling the Sheriff case, because it looks like he’s not giving him any leeway. It’s Judge James T moody, I hope they do.”

He had gotten involved with a Doctor; Dr. Farzana Khan; sometime during 2013, which is when all of his problems started. Dr. Khan over-medicates patients; including while she was Ken’s doctor, and Ken wound up signing a contract which took tens of thousands of dollars from him. Ken was practically forced into seeing Dr. Khajai; but looking into this matter further, it was discovered that the two were once married according to divorce court documentation. When Ken asked for his medical records; it was denied to him, which is illegal.

Ken has been in the painting and construction business; and has been ripped off in this industry more than once for jobs he’s done.

“I was set up by $12,000 and my tools are stuck at this job. The place should’ve been condemned but somehow I got trapped into this mess and he tried going after my bond but State Farm really helped and the claim specialist was very nice and helpful and knew it was crazy that he had so many names he went by these are hit after hit after hit.”

This concludes a brief summary of the issues Ken has been dealing with.

Evidence Available for Download, Virus Free  – 248 and  Part 2 is 101 Megabytes:

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