Attempting to Clear up Misconceptions about Anonymous…

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Attempting to clear up misconceptions about Anonymous…

#Anonymous has different sectors… They aren’t just one big group of “hackers” like the misconceptions some people have about them. There are many “hacker” groups who’ve done operations that just go by the name Anonymous. Anonymous is an idea and a movement; not all Anons are “hackers”.

Anonymous had been divided; and when President Trump took office, it divided them even further. There are UN-official rules of Anonymous such as to not support politicians; and that rule has been broken by many who claim to be Anonymous.

There is also another rule to not make money in the name of Anonymous; and both of these rules have been broken by so called Anonymous such as that now goes by … Along with … They’ve broken the rules and are not actually Anonymous.

There are also no leaders of Anonymous; and there is no Official Anonymous either. The AEGIS Alliance does not claim to be a leader of Anons; but we do have Anonymous allies.

…And I made damned sure I didn’t use the name of Anonymous when I came up with the meaning for AEGIS in The AEGIS Alliance:

The Activists – Alliance for the Exposure of Government Intelligence and Secrets

Here is an excerpt of the UN-official rules of Anonymous that has broken; provided by We are Anonymous on THIS WEB PAGE:

1) Showed support for a politician
2) Tried to influence their large supporters to vote for BS
3) Profit from the name of Anonymous
4) Uses Click Bait to lure trusting supporters
5) Sells Anonymous merchandise
6) Posts rubbish stories to mislead the masses
7) Is turning people away from Anonymous
8) Claims to be Anonymous Headquarters

Artwork Credit: Daniel Young a Native American Anon
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